Z-SUITE 1.9.0 Released

Z-SUITE 1.9 is here!

We are introducing electrostatic discharge resistant material - Z-ESD* along with the awaited TOP layers modifier. The recommended values are set as default.

Full changelog below:

- New material - Z-ESD*

- TOP layers quantity modifier is back (the recommended values are set as default)

- Fixed issues with manual FAN settings

- Fixed scaling rounding issue (http://bugtracker.zortrax.com/tracker/issue-191-resizescale-values-rounding/)

It’s available through autoupdater or through our website:



  • In order to print with Z-ESD, it’s required to update your M200/M300 firmware to 1.0.6 version, available here: (M200 & M300 )

Bugs could be reported through Bugtracker

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