Z-Suite 2.12.2 running 100% CPU on idle

Hi, I found Z-Suite 2.12.2 to run fine while using it on my 2016 Dell Inspiron 7359. However if I leave it open in the background (on idle, not slicing or anything), it runs one of the CPU’s at 100% utilisation, making the PC slow, hot and noisy (fans go full blast).

Running windows 10 64bit.


Have you experienced this issue before? Does the same thing happen when you run Z-SUITE 2.12.3 and Beta 2.14.0?

Best regards,

To be honest I haven’t tried. This is my “lockdown” computer. Ver 2.12.2 was the first version I installed on it.

I never had the issue on my other computers.

Btw, those computers all had discrete graphics cards (nvidia). The Dell Inspiron 7359 only has an integrated Intel HD 520.