Z-SUITE 2.7.4 released

Hi guys,

In case, if any of you missed that, we released a new version of Z-SUITE.

Here's the full changelog:

  • Introduces the Rotation Optimization tool for both FDM and resin printers. This tool allows you to choose one optimal position for the model according to your chosen parameter: Min. Support Area, Min. Support Volume, Max. Platform Contact,
  • Improves placement of automatic seam. It is now placed in internal angles to reduce its visibility as much as possible,
  • Improves printing quality of Z-ABS and ABS-based materials (0.29 layer thickness) for M200, M300, M200 Plus and M300 Plus,
  • Adds new NYLON-based option to the External materials tab (for M200 Plus and M300 Plus),
  • Zortrax Apoller can now be added to the My Devices panel,
  • Improves print settings for Inkspire,
  • Fixes bugs for Inkspire.

We're looking forward to your feedback.  :)

Marvelous improvements for Z-ABS/ABS @ .29mm with 2.7.4. Thank you!