Z-Suite for Mac won't load

I just got my M200 and am trying to set up the software.

I have Yosimite. I downloaded MonoFramework before installing. When I try to start Z-Suite, version, I just get a bouncing icon. When I right-click on the icon it says the program is not responding.

Is there a security setting or other issue that I have missed, like another download?

Frustrated. Can't start printing until this is resolved. Please help.

Have you downloaded and installed the Mono Framework? Won't run without it...

Oops, just reread and you did. 

I have the same problem. Mono Framework installed, get a bouncing icon. 

OS X Yosemite v. 10.10.2

Problem temporally resolved by installing win version on bootcamp.

Update: I got it to install and work by closing all programs, including those in the menu bar, like Dropbox, etc. It still took a while to finally load, but is operational now. I had called Octave, from whom I bought the printer, and got a response call just after I had resolved the issue myself. The tech help person did say, though, that the Mac version is still buggy for now.

New Z-Suite update will resolve all problems with OS X

When that happens to me I have to go into package contents and start zsuite from there and if that doesn't help then go into frameworks folder and starting mono sgen and that sometimes works but if not then open activity monitor and take a sample on all the processes associated with Zsuite- sometimes if the program isn't showing have to open and go into activity monitor quickly to open the process and sample all the associated programs.

Seems like its complicated but its not I just don't explain very well. lol Took a lot of time figuring out how to get zsuite to run before. lol 

I think I have a post in support on Mac

Good luck

New Z-Suite update will resolve all problems with OS X

Hope it's soon. I'm holding my breath and beginning to turn a little blue.... :D