Z-Suite v0.0.6 Preview Disappears

Just a quick question to see if anyone else is having a similar problem. Ever since v0.0.5 (and now with 0.0.6) the screen preview gives me problems after I have sliced my prints.

I load the models and see them sitting on the build platform on screen, I then hit “print” and the models are sliced and visible the ought the process. Once the pop-up displays showing filament usage and estimate time, I close the pop up and the preview of parts all disappears. The screen looks fine and the build plate is visible but it’s simply empty. I can hit save and it saves to the card fine, but I can no longer see my parts on screen. With v0.0.5, if I hit minimise and then maximise of the window, the parts would be visible again. If I rotated the screen or used pan it would all disappear again. Since v0.0.6, even this fails to bring the models back into preview. They simply disappear. If I hit “back to model”, they all come back in screen again.

It’s not a big issue for me, but I thought I should mention it in case others get a similar problem and also so that the Z team can look into it.


Jay :slight_smile:

I haven't had that problem, but I'll keep an eye out.

+1 Jay it does the same thing to me.

Same here. (Windows 7 on Parallels)

Do you first get a popup window that says "Display Z-code". Then click yes and another popup window appears with "time and filament usage"?

Yes Kyle, Although I generally click no because I don’t want to preview individual layers, I just want the whole model to show as before. It happened in 0.0.5 before the Z-code preview was an option too.



Popup asks about displaying whole Z-Code (as before) or not displaying it at all. This option was added because computers with lower amount of RAM may not be able to assign enough memory for display.

Partial display can be done using Pause feature after you choose to display Z-Code.

Hi m4cias,

Thanks for the info - I am also getting an error since 0.0.5 which states “Disabling display update due to low framerate (0.96 fps)”

The PC is an extremely high spec it definitely isn’t an issue with resource or graphics ability. Until 0.0.5 I had no issues whatsoever with the screen updating.




Thank you for your efforts put in describing the issue. It should be fixed in next update.

Also there is an option to open already saved Z-Code. Maybe this can be temporrary solution for you.

Thanks for your reply and for looking into the problem for me. I can live with it until the next update :slight_smile:

Best wishes,