Zortrax covers

These cover to prevent cracks of very large models. In combination with this warping solution: http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/topic/483-tips-tricks-warping-issue-solution/ you can print a very large model without any problems.

- You can cut these covers from acrylic (3-5mm recommended) or any other materials by laser etc.

- For mounting you need 6 pcs. bulldog clips - 2 pcs. on each side or you can print holders http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:402722

- Download DXF files: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:402722



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Cool design.

Thanks Rafal for this project, I like it so much. 

If someone want to test other covers design, I also recommended covers roject by joshpit2003: http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/topic/521-laser-cut-enclosure-side-panels/


Clever and cool! Congratulations!


I noticed in the photo that you have a clip connecting the filament tube to the ribbon cable:



Is this to help the ribbon cable, or the filament tube?

Can you post the STL file for this?


it’s on thingiverse



I noticed in the photo that you have a clip connecting the filament tube to the ribbon cable:


Is this to help the ribbon cable, or the filament tube?

Can you post the STL file for this?


Good eye! My cable lays flat regardless of having the printer covered or not. My printer is down due to connection issues in this area, so I might have to try mocking something up...

Small update.

Clips should be slightly bigger. I have mounted them on spanner and expand them with hot air. They are perfect now.


Printed on new 0.09 resolution. :)

Is the difference noticeable by feel or by eye?

By feel only.

By feel only.

Hmmm I wonder if that would be true if you threw some primer on there to make the layers jump

So finally they're here....

My design for zortrax covers, tomorrow I will receive the black edition parts.

I found two minor issues, and still need the real screws, those horribel things are temporary. So I will correct designs after that i upload.







I'm getting ready to print the Door Hardware for the Side Covers.  The default orientation for the parts are not what I would expect. I've laid out the parts to be printed this a.m. and as I'm pretty new to the M200, wondering if anyone sees an issue with having the knobs and latches and clips etc. all with the largest cross section flat to the build plate?

The knobs came in by default flipped so that the largest cross section or part that you would turn by hand was not on the build plate but rather facing up on the Z axis.  This creates more support material but wondering if there is a reason?  Seems like it shouldn't matter but wondering if the supports for the overhangs in that orientation are a better design for some reason.  Thanks!  Printing these at .09 res with medium infill.  Is this overkill?



It's for surface finish. The underside of the prints have a mesh-like look to them that many people don't find attractive, so the visible surface has been oriented towards the top to receive the best finish. Personally I don't mind the underside look, so I flipped mine to cut down on material and time. It's all personal preference.

Unless you're borderline OCD, I would say that 90 is WAY overkill; 190 turns out really nice and will save you a LOT of time.  

Thank you!  My other printer is sla based and the lowest resolution is 100µm so I'm having a bit of an adjustiment to percieved resolution.  Need to print out a set of dummy blocks at various resolutions so I can get an idea.  .09 on the Zortrax is really nice and since it's all I've printed so far I'm already unfairly biasing myself and waisting a lot of print time.

Honestly, except for tiny parts or parts with extreme overhanging curves, .14 will give just about as good of a finish as .09. I really recommend trying a test part at different settings so you can figure out the characteristics of the prints so you know the lowest resolution/support settings you can get away with in different situations. 

Hi guys!

I've been struggling with warping quite a lot on medium to large prints. And I'm on a tight budget so I'm hesitating whether to invest or not into covers, laser cutting and whatnot.

Can any of you post successful prints examples that have been enabled by using these covers? Dos it completely removes warping or are there some "impossible to fix" scenarios to expect?

Hello Nachos.io,

take a look here : http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/topic/1749-big-print-big-success/

Covers , original from Zortrax, paid much less than official price,  did the job , Z-Hips also helps.