zortrax does fashion...

a project which is just about to finish. urgent challenge was accepted on friday, show is in 2 hours!

model was scanned, item was designed for her and printed on zortrax (20 pieces, 100hrs of printing @0.29mm)

sorry for the crappy pics, i'll upload some better ones from the actual show...




Nice! Z-HIPS or Z-ABS?

Z-abs and lots of acetone :p



I will never understand fashion.  :ph34r:

I remember there was a program on Discovery Channel about Australian guy who printed a dress with his Ultimaker.

very nice print !!

i dont understand fashion either :P

some more pics from the show (only bust was designed by us and his logo in various formats. Due to lack of time the other items were chosen by the designer, you can also see the zortrax knot)



Nice print! But for the rest... just... why? Like Sam said - I will never understand fashion. 

I think the prints look better when not on the people, fashion is weird sometimes, great job none-the-less.


Well printed but not beautiful.

The problem isn't fashion per se.