Zortrax M200 extrude problem

Hello everyone,
I am currently experiencing a problem with the 3D printer extruder. A Zortrax M200.
Have you ever encountered this problem?
- I tested with 2 filaments Z-PLA Pro and Z-Ultra.
- The change of filament is done without any problem.
I cleaned the nozzle and the extruder.
There I dry a little.
Thank you

Maybe cable problem? Flat cable to extruder! Its very often problem! How many print hours? 

Around 30 to 40 hours of printing, it is brand new!

I have a question, between the Z-Ultra and Z-PLA Pro filaments the extruder must have a different temperature?
Thank you for your reply.

Hi Corentin,

Does the problem occur while building the first layer? Maybe the plate is too close to the nozzle and it causes the problems with extrusion.

Please level the bed if you haven't done it yet.

Let me know if it helps.

The problem is not fully resolved, I handed over the old hardware, (Z-Ultra) it works. Is it possible to change the 3D printing temperature? Could a low temperature be the cause of the bug? (with filament Z-PLA pro).

up please



In case of printing with Z-PLA PRO, it's required to use a separate hotend. The material has quite different properties than the other Z-materials and is very dense. That's the reason why this measure must be applied.


Do you use the latest version of Z-SUITE?