Zortrax m200 PLUS Connector Broken Cable

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I received my Zortrax m200 Plus printer and already when installing I faced many problems. The clicking noise for example ( Extruder), Hotend and fans weren’t working properly as well.

I followed some Extruder tutorials from The Zortrax support center.
When I unplugged all cables from the extruder PCB I stumbled on a loose broken wire.
See example picture.

What can I do? Is there an replacement cable what I can buy?. I was searching everywhere but couldn’ find any. I am so lost since it’s my first ever 3D Printer.

Hope you can help me.

Hi, @petronella.

As you have just received the printer, contact the Reseller that you have purchased the printer from.
They will provide you with extruder motor replacement, but it seems that PCB, heater&thermocouple and fans may also need to be replaced.