Zortrax VS LulZbot

Got a clamp that came with a LulZbot printer today. Drew it up and printed it. (.019) Yes… Mine is the boring gray one.

In the first picture the edges of the grey part look so lifted… What happened there?

Wow, that’s pretty messy! Yours might be boring grey but it looks a lot nicer that the other!

Why did you get a LulZbot?

Not sure why the lift in the first pic. The plastic shop I deal with has a LulZbot. Took one of the spare parts to show him he needs to buy a good printer. Keep in mind the thickness of the part that has the face lifted is only .500 inches tall. I rubbed it on my counter and it’s only .006 inches off. Why you gotta pick on my print??? Did you see the other one??? ROFLMAO!!!

I’m going to print at .140 too… just haven’t yet.


Are your bottom side fan cooler for sure working ?

[quote name=Martin Olchanowski]@Kyle

Are your bottom side fan cooler for sure working ?
Yep… Bottom fan is working.