0.0.8 Cancel Enstop Bug

I think I found a bug in 0.0.8 and I've accidentally done it a second time so I'm pretty sure it might be a bug. I found if I cancel a job both the X/Y and and the Z tried to move pass their home positions with a lot of horrible noise ... hopefully it just missed steps and was not shredding belts or bending stuff!

Anyway, cancelling seems to cause the suspend process to forget where home is and go too far. On both occasions I tried to cancel during the warm up process too in case that is a factor (yes I forgot to wait the second time).


I think the good place to speak about that is here : http://forum.zortrax.com/index.php?/tracker/

In this place this bug will be supported by the zortrax team directly

Thanks, I was looking for a place to report bugs but couldn't find it.

I have cancelled a number of jobs using 008 and have never seen this issue.