0.3/0.6mm nozzles setup not possible


Hello everyone, hello Zortrax team,

Today we received the new nozzles in 0.3. and 0.6mm for our M200 Plus directly from Poland.

Unfortunately we have just found out that in the brand new Z-Suite 2.81 the nozzles can only be selected in the setup for very few materials.

Not even for Z-ABS and third-party PLA this is configurable at the moment.

Honestly, I don’t understand why the absolute standard material (Z-ABS) is not considered first in the Z-Suite.

Will this change with the next Z-Suite update?


Hey there!

This option is available only for Z-HIPS, Z-ULTRAT and HIPS-based materials profile for M200 Plus at the moment.

We are improving Z-SUITE with each release, so this option should be available for wider range of materials in the future, but we're not able to tell exactly when.

As always, we inform about new options when new Z-SUITE version is released, so stay tuned :)


Thanks for the information and sorry that I don't understand the order of materials for the implementation.

Please have a look at your own store:



Everyone, really EVERY customer, will assume that there are NO restrictions on the material.

I don't want to look rude, but if someone has as so much experience in business as you do, I don't understand why you don't communicate this correctly. If you are able to state: "dedicated for M200plus and M300plus" you can´t tell that it is not possible to name the available materials.

At this point it simply looks like you need to have a comparable nozzle set like "others".

I'm a little speechless...


Is it possible to use the 0.3 mm nozzle for EXTERNAL materials?


Hey there!

WN20, I’m sorry to hear that you’re disappointed. We’re working to implement this option for all materials. We always inform about new options with Z-SUITE releases, 0.3 and 0.6 mm nozzle option was listed there with notice about availability for particular materials. I’ll pass your suggestion further.

Tobold, for M200 Plus and M300 Plus, HIPS-based materials can be printed with 0.3 and 0.6 mm nozzles.
For M200, ABS-based materials can be printed with 0.3 and 0.6 nozzles, PLA-based external materials can be printed with 0.6 nozzle.