0.3mm nozzle diameter not available with Z-ULTRAT, why?

I need to print with a 0.3mm diameter nozzle some small parts with fine details, but this nozzle diameter is available only with Z-ABS and not with Z-ULTRAT, even if they are both ABS-based filaments.
Furthermore, if I select in Z-Suite “External Materials” and “ABS-Based Filament”, it is anyway possible to choose the 0.3mm nozzle diameter.
So, why the 0.3mm nozzle diameter is not available with Z-ULTRA-T in Z-Suite when working with the M200?

I want to highlight that exactly the opposite happens when working with the M200 Plus:
0.3 nozzle diameter is available with Z-ULTRAT and not with Z-ABS… what a big mess!!!

Zortrax please, fix this issue, thanks.