0.6 head and layer limitation


I have 6 Zortrax printers, and I love them…

But really something sucks…
When using a 0.6 hotend head, there no possibility to print with 0.15 layer thickness… It is a big turn off for us, because, with are printing with BASF CF on other printers with this layer size without problems… And the finish is spectacular.

Hello Jerome,

thank you for your suggestion. We will take it into account.

Best regards

You should open up the Z-Suite for all filament and Hotend 0.6 and 0.15 layer slice.

This is crucial for many reasons.

  • Printing time
  • Easier to setup
  • More accurate with Zortrax extruder.

Love Zortrax, and I have 6 Zortrax and looking for a 7th one…