#010 Extruder heating error

Hi People

#010 Extruder heating error’.

Step by step …

Maintenance / Heat the extruder :

On screen, temprature does not chance. Fix on 6%. But, in reality exturuder heats up to 175 celcious degree in about 5 / 10 min :

After 10 min and exturder temprature is around 175 celcious and on screen progree is 6%, we this #010 Extruder heating error.

I have changed the thermocouple and extruder PCB. Still the same!

HELP! :confused:


At first, make sure that all cables are properly connected to PCB. I suggest that you check if heater&thermocouple is properly installed in the hotend (see this instruction for reference).
When was the last time you replaced the extruder cable? It can cause such issue too.
If you have a multimeter, you can check continuity of extruder cable’s paths.