#013 Unexpected extruder temperature drop

After the printer showed me #013 Unexpected extruder temperature drop the extruder won’t heat above 1% it’s stays like that for ever and won’t start the job … The extruder is visually really hot but it won’t do anything.

Hi, @Jocastillom.
First, make sure that heater&thermocouple is properly installed in the hotend.
It is possible that thermocouple is either not properly inserted in the hotend (and can’t read the temperature properly) or the motherboard doesn’t get the signal about the temperature.
Replacement of heater&thermocouple, extruder cable or extruder PCB may be necessary in that case.

Hi Marta
Could it be that a cable just came loose .
Because before when it was printing one of the extruder cables was touching the board and I thought it could possibly get tangled with the 3D model while printing, and I moved it a little bit … After that the code came with the sudden temperature drop and now it keeps heating but it stays in 1%

Could you send me a picture of your extruder PCB and show which cable was touching the platform or got entangled with model? I suspect that it was heater&thermocouple and such situation could lead to short circuit that could affect extruder PCB and extruder cable as well.

This is the cable which was touching the board .

Have you checked PCB for any signs of damage or burn marks?
I suggest that you replace the heater&thermocouple first, but extruder PCB and extruder cable may also need to be replaced.

Are this components so very fragile ? …that just by moving slightly a single cable I have to replace 3 components ? … If that is the case I think this is a terrible 3D printer

The parts aren’t fragile. Properly installed heater&thermocouple doesn’t touch platform and shouldn’t get tangled with model. The error that appears indicates that motherboard doesn’t get an information that the hotend is hot, so there must a problem either with heater&thermocouple (most likely), extruder PCB or extruder cable (if there was a short circuit that could damage this part).

I can’t see any visible damage on the thermocouple, but I suggest that you thoroughly examine the cables and PCB for any signs of burn marks. You should also make sure that thermocouple is properly installed in the hotend (as in the picture below). If the error still appears, you should start with replacing heater&thermocouple, but if that doesn’t help, extruder PCB and/or extruder cable may need to replaced as well.

Finally I just unplugged all the cables gave it a good blow … Like them old days and plugged everything back. And now it works like a charm.
Maybe like you said probably a loose cable or something like that.

Thanks for all the support