#032 error


after nozzle changing my M200 shows an #032 error.

I changed extruder cable, extruder PCB and heating element with thermocouple, all new.

But M200 still shows #032 error. Any ideas? motherboard defect? where can i order a new motherboard?

have a nice Christmas time


First of all make sure that all the components you've replaced are firmly connected - extruder cable to the motherboard and extruder PCB, heater&thermocouple to the extruder PCB and hotend.

By the way, check if the screws that hold the set of heater&thermocouple are not screwed in too tightly.

If everything seems to be fine but the error appears anyway, please contact me via PM.

Hi, Im new to the maker world and Zortrax, has anyone come up with a solution to this problem above as yet,
I did the same,new cable, pcb, hot end and i still get the 032 error, i now have a very expensive door stop lol


Apart from replacing the extruder cable and PCB - it is also worth trying replacing the heater&thermocouple. If this does not work as well - the motherboard might be at fault. If you need replacement - please, contact us via support form.

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