I rarely if ever complain about Z Suite, but 1.3.0 has given me problems on both machines.

I've got stringing, blobbing and even some burning again...things I thought we'd moved well and truly past.

I've uninstalled and am installing 1.2.2 again in the hope I can get it back together.

It's actually been affecting my business with a couple of complaints and failed prints, things I've never had before.

Have I missed something? Is there an issue with this version?

I know my machines well and truly, they are clean, maintained and adjusted correctly.

Just so I am clean and transparent...

The burning was on one design only, was improved by rotating the part 90 deg and fully cured by upping the fan to 40%.

My absolute "go to" setting for 0.19 layers is 20% fan and 4 layer surfaces, and this was the only design that ever gave me an issue with it. 

I still believe that blobbing and stringing is worse lately.