Hangs at end of slicing

Seems to slice OK, gets to 100%, then hangs forever. After I click Stop the preview looks OK, I guess I will try the zcode and see what happens. Windows 7.

Animated GIF screen cap attached (hey, it works! :) )

I had some problems with 1.5.0

Some sections of print were missing, mainly thin vertical walls of 1 mm.

Walls showed up in Z-suite, but not there when actually printed.

This was not a new print design, I print about 30 of these every week, made a new z-code file with 1.5.0 and that's when the

walls went missing.

Deleted 1.5.0 and went back to 1.4.0 and all is fine again.

Also I don't like having to click on the Zortrax M200 picture every time I open Z-suite.

There should be a default setting switch to choose between M200 and Inventure.


I had a bug for a part that would duplicate the STL when slicing to the Z-code, but when I hit the back button to see the STL it was singular again. It did this 3 times in a row before I restarted the software and everything worked fine. I even showed everyone in the office to prove I was not crazy! Too bad I cannot replicate again.


You really think that that's enough to prove you're not crazy?  B)