1.6.1 vs 0096 Raft and Bottom Surface

We've seen some dramatic pictures showing that older Z-Suites can have better quality on vertical surfaces, but after trying 0096 on a few parts over the past few days I really think 1.6.1 is much better for raft removal and bottom layer quality.

Personally I haven't seen poor quality from 1.6.1 on the parts I've been printing, but of course it's very dependent on the nature of the parts.

The part on the left in the photo was sliced with 0096, the one on the right with 1.6.1. All parameters were the same. The raft was very difficult to remove on the 0096 part, but it came off easily from the 1.6.1 part.

Be careful what you wish for!



I haven't had such issues with the raft ever, in no version of Z-Suite I used so far (1.6.1 not included).

I think it could be probably material dependent also.

Re bottom surfaces: The 1.6.1 print looks great, I had always issues with surfaces in earlier versions of Z-Suite, but this is far from what you show on your pics (and I guess it's related to the raft issue).

Obviously, printing results are material-dependent, and dependent on all printing parameters. The point is, in this case I kept all parameters identical except the slicer, and I got a very different result (multiple times, same result) with 1.6.1 being clearly superior to 0096 with respect to raft removal and bottom surface quality using this part and this material.

I don't question your results Julia, my point was that I use 0.9.6 for 1 and a half year (corrected wrong duration) as my regular version and I am not aware of a SW issue like this.

Some minutes ago I pulled a print off the raft, not so much different from yours I think. I printed a cheap PLA and the hotend is currently equipped with a 0.6 nozzle wich is suboptimal in terms of surface quality IMHO. I did not clean it up in anyway (used no heat gun) and the better surface quality of your 1.6.1 print can be seen easily.

Mine has the typical early Z-Suite artifacts when it is about printing around inner holes. Question is if this could be accepted over the other issues others (including Zortrax staff) had with 1.6.1.

I just want to add that at least for Z-ABS, the 0.9.6 beta doesn't seem to set the bed temperature.

I just tried Z-Ultrat and it's the same. Has one of you guys tried to measure the bed temperature with 0.9.6?

Or is there a non-beta of 0.9.6?

I'd take 1.6.1 for it's bottom layers and raft and .9.6 for it's vertical surfaces and be a very happy guy!