1% extruder heating problem

Whenever I try to do anything (start a print, unload filament, load filament, etc) the LCD shows the extruder stuck at 1%, forever.. even though the exturder is clearly hot and ready to go (smoke coming out of it from the filament burning inside).

If I fumble the connectors around a bit (cable and board) it works again for a short while, then the problem happens again.

Any idea what might be going on? Short circuit somewhere?

I had the same. Printer gone to the site


@ikatz, please fill the support form http://zortrax.pl/support-form/ If any of you guys will ever have similar problem (fumes from the hotend) please contact with the support immediately.

Looks like a problem with broken wire in main cable.

That's interesting Mark. 

Which cable is that? Is it possible to repair it?