.19 vs .14 The treefrog

Here are a couple quick shots showing the improvement between 0.0.3 and 0.0.4 in regards to the seam. The first two were printed using .19 and the latter the new .14 layer heights. These are straight off the machine with no clean up other than raft removal. I noticed on the .14 print there was a small blob on the right front leg. Not sure what caused this.

Keep in mind that this frog is only 400 long. And apologies for the average macro shots.

Using 0.0.3 .19mm

Using 0.0.4 .14mm

The new software with 0.14 rocks!!! :smiley: Great improvement!

I see those occasional blobs, too. But they’re easy to remove.

Yes, it is a nice improvement. Getting rid of the seam was really important to me. I want to print some tubular parts later and see if it is also gone on them.

Significant improvement !!!