2 Mods without warning points risk...


The best spatula I ever got is the one that comes with the M200.

Only issue with it is that it gets loose and the blade is breaking the plastic after some time.

I welded mine back into the plastic with a hot air gun.

Some minutes to work, some smell if doing it inside, but it works.

And if it gets loose again, I will just use the hot air gun again.


I use the original Z side covers, the door magnets are glued with some self adhesive tape to the inside.

Mounted like this they get hot (direct contact to the printers frame) and get loose after some while.

I moved them to the outside and fixed them with standard office tape (Tesa) and since the magnets stay there for over two months.

Why are your magnets on the outside of the covers? is there not a grove on the inside of the panel like in the current versions? If not just use a Dremel tool and make one your self, clean it up a little!

Why are your magnets on the outside of the covers? 

That's explained above, just read. ;)

It's not for the look, just for function without effort.

Of course one could do it different, I will not.