300-Piece Miniature of Injection Molding Machine 3D Printed on Zortrax M200

Dear to all,

sincerely express contentment and much satisfaction for items made from Zortrax and also posted on 3ders.org, for me as a neophyte is really very nice.

the significance of this small project?

many approach to 3D printing, fdm technology has its limits, for certain types of printing maybe it would be more indicated another type of tecnolgia,

maybe stereolithography, but, even with a fdm, with a little 'patience, forethought, tests, research with other users, fantasy, and passion to achieve goals,

you get to print and create objects that at first do not he imagined he could do.

This model does not have all the perfect prints, is filled with many defects,

but it’s much nicer than I thought to do at the beginning.

Better quality can be achieved with the next release,

defects can be deleted with stucco and colors.

However, we do something in particular,

something simple,

and a bit 'at a time,

it will come to build something more important,

not to compete with anyone,

but only with our passion.


our the passion,

thank you to all the friends of the forum Zortrax





Very nice job on both the model and the video!

Very nice job on both the model and the video!

thanks Henry

Amazing works!!!!!

That's a lots of parts!!!

Nice !

wow amazing ! grats !