300M Plus - Print failure - First print

Hi there,
I’m new on this forum. Just got the 300M + . Everything was ok with the unboxing and set up, but I got issues with the first print. As I runned the first print, it started well and after a few minutes, no more filament being printed…see pic
Could you please help me?

Second, the printer is new and for any reason there is more than 9h printing hours on it ? is this usual ?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

you have to check what’s happening in the extruder

Check the filament spool, is the filament in order or blocked?
Try to extrude some using the “Load filament” operation.

Thanks a lot for your answer. I will check the extruder out. Everything was ok with the filament and loading was has been done successfully

Usually they have a few hours on them from quality control at factory