3d photo print (beta)

While waiting on the printer I have been writing software to convert photo’s to 3d-prints. Here a first result, they are best viewed with light coming from behind.

As this is a try out, this photo is converted with low density, only 2 dots (triangles) per mm. Pushing that up to 10 dots per mm (or even higher) is no problem, just creates bigger files, taking longer (too long) to proces in Z-suite.

I am still working things out with meshlab to reduce the number of triangles after rendering.

Alas the solid or full print option in Z-suite gives a little raster inside, would be happy if solid is really solid, that would give beter results.

The size is quite small 90x50 mm. I am now printing one which is 180x100mm with higher dpi: 4pdi.

This will be a birthday-gift. Guess the people around will know for years that I bought a 3D-printer :slight_smile:

That came out pretty good! You should show the original photo too.

Oops, forgot to give credits: It is a photo from Bill Wakely, see here: http://fineartamerica.com/products/lakeside-sunrise-bill-wakeley-art-print.html

Would be ok to print this for private use right?

Are you aware of phototomesh? http://www.ransen.com/phototomesh/Photos-To-Meshes.htm

They have a customizer on Thingiverse too… http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:74322

Hi Julia and Kyle,

Nice to finally find some other software for that, even though I looked hard, could not find any. I had only seen this: http://www.3ders.org//articles/20131018-topografics-3d-printed-photograph-adds-another-dimension-to-treasured-memories.html. But I never saw a kickstarter from as they intended. I will certainly try the thingiverse version.

The code I made was actually what I call a Z-deformable shape to allow me to create complex, double curved and accurate forms using Java programming language. Later I found that by adding just a few lines of code i could make lithopanes aswell.

Here an example of what I created with the Z-Deformable shape: a toy traintunnel with just 30 lines of Java. I did not try to print things like this yet, but that will come.

Looks great!!! That looks easy to print…:slight_smile: