3D Printed Pop Pop Boat

Too bad man.. A box full of coins.. :huh:

I'm sure a lot of thought went into that.. What a bunch of crap!! :angry:

Well that is kinda bullshit! 

A freagin box. Real inventive.  I guess Makerbot set the bar real high with that one. Duh! 

omfg... this sucks... i guess he won only because it was customizable...

the 1st one imho is the worst as it relies on electronics

the 3d one is very clever

anyway in our hearts you are the winner :P lol i know that this is what matters to you :P :P :P :P

I like the third one too and there were some cool models which weren't even picked, for example Speed Boat 3 RC and 3D-Printed Hovercraft,

At least I didn't win one of their shitty overpriced printers. :D

y but on the other hand free is never overpriced :p

well next time try this , do the boat design , put a row of rare earth magnets in  the middle of the boat (underneath that is) , on both sides put a strip of aluminium and apply a voltage to the strips and watch what happens ... quiet fun and interesting to see

Don't forget to show some MB logo or mention it otherwise. And make it configurable..  :ph34r:


For me you are the winner because your deign is coolest and because you do not won makerbot printer :wink:

Your featured on the front page of Thingiverse

Thanks guys for the kind words.

I hope it pop-pops to the top. :)