3D Printing Forum

Can anyone recommend a good 3D printing forum?


Apart from Zortrax Forum.... Printer Brand Independent.


What are looking for in a forum ? Advices, professional contacts, to advertise about you're creation, ... ?

It depends what are expecting from it, I think.


I am interested in general things about the technology… I am a consumer not a seller… So basically I want a place where I can find the newest thing around and have lots of traffic with a good forum system… I am also asking because if it does not exists, I might be in the mood on opening one… But anyway :slight_smile: a good place where people can talk about hacks, tricks, newest trends, etc.

3dprintboard could be what you're looking for. The reprap.org one is also interesting, but talking about an m200 on it is not the ideal place to do so, but that's a good place to find idea about new controllers, sensors system, etc.

So far, they the two biggest high traffic non branded forum I know. Nevertheless, I am not sure calling the second one printer brand independent is correct (should be more something like an "against commercial non opensource printer brand" forum)



Arguably not really a forum, but pretty active (over 38000 subscribers) and covering a lot subjects related to 3D printing. Slightly biased towards open source, also pretty negative towards Makerbot. But always fun to look at the prints people post and think: "My Zortrax can probably do better."

Also, http://www.reddit.com/r/functionalprint/ is great for inspiration.

Thanks all!