3DPrintClean – Scrubbers, Enclosures and Accessories now available for order


     We are proud to announce that 3DPrintClean Scrubbers, Enclosures, and Accessories, for Zortrax printers, are now available for order. See: https://3dprintclean.myshopify.com/

     Order now, and get delivery by 11/15.

     Enclosures are available in two sizes, to fit most printers, and come in Desktop, FreeStand, and FreeStandPro configurations.

     Accessories include; Rapid Heater, Stackable kit, Color LEDs, and Spool holders.

     We hope you enjoy 3DPrintClean products as much as we do.

     James Nordstrom, Founder - 3DPrintClean.com                    

They look great!!  You should have at least put a good looking printer in there though.. :P :D

i agree awesome.. :D

so i proabbly can take the doors off my m200 ??

Kile - Thank you (-:  I'll be enclosing my M200 shortly, I'll take pictures.  Thanks buster20 (-: , yes, the doors would be redundant, and on the enclosure, you can open any of the five doors for full printer access. 

great..how much of the smell smell does this remove from the room?

The system removes all smell. I have run 24hr jobs in a sealed 12x16 home office, and have forgotten the printer was running.  The system seals the fumes in the enclosure, and repeatedly scrubs the air with a UPLA filer, and a large amount of Activated Carbon Granules.  For detailed on how the scrubber works, please see: http://www.3dprintclean.com/scrubber-filtration.htm