A few problems with last Z-Suite build (

Hello everyone,

first of all I want to compliment with all the Zortrax staff and engineers for the great ecosystem created, which dragged me and my company into the fascinating additive manufacturing world.

I want to ask a few question about some little issues I often experience in Z-suite:

1 - Since last build ( the “my devices” tab doesn’t update in real time anymore and I have to manually go back to the 3d printer list and then click again on my printer. This is very annoying because i work in a mechanical workshop and now I have to clean my hand every time i need to check the print status (cause it requires me interaction, while before i was leaving the laptop on the device status to check time, progress bar and camera if needed)

2 - Many times the upload of a .zcodex fails and I have to try several times to success in the upload. Machines are connected via Ethernet and PC and 3DP are on same lan and subnet.

Also both my Inkspire and my M200 plus for some reason don’t discover and show our wi-fi network, but this is not a big deal since they are over ethernet (and a little off-topic too!).

If someone has any advice or solution to give I’ll be very grateful!


Hi, @Nox01.

I will definitely pass your compliment to our specialists :slight_smile:

As for your questions:

  1. Please, make sure that you don’t have any other processes in the background. Would you be able to check whether getting back to previous Z-SUITE version improves that?
  2. I suggest that you make sure that your network connection is stable. Especially, considering the fact that connection fails with both machines. Can you make a hotspot with your mobile phone and check if the printers detect it via Wi-Fi?

I do confirm this behaviour in
It requires at least to click on the “Refresh connection” link.

In my case I can’t “Export / Save” any longer a .zcodex while a print job is running. The only possibilty right now is to Export the file somewhere else and then “ADD FILE” on My Devices-Tab / 3D PRINTER FILES.
Note: I reported an issue earlier to Zortrax support that .zcodex files, that are saved directly to printer’s USB stick, have a size of 0 Byte while a print job is running - hope Zortrax does not treat current situation (removing the option instead of fixing it) as final solution.

3 - Usability improvement suggestion:
Please add the possibility to sort files on My Devices-Tab / 3D PRINTER FILES the same ways as we can do direct on the printer.

Hey there!

@Achtunghupe @Nox01 Do you have the newest firmware installed on your printers? Do the issues persist with this firmware version as well?

Hi Marta: Yes (2.0.1) and yes.

Thank you.
We haven’t experienced such issue, so we will look into that.