A-Z bundle: detailed 3D portraits printed with Zortrax M200

ShareMind is proud to announce a special bundle to scan and print detailed 3D portraits.

The bundle will include a professional Artec EVA scanner w Artec Studio 9.xx, Z-Brush 4R7 and a Zortrax M200,

The choose of these three “ingredients” comes out from an intensive test of about 180 different devices and 25 different software packages. While the Artec EVA is the perfect professional solution for portable body scanning, and produces highly detailed, closed meshes, the M200 can print smooth, accurate models in the simplest way.

Thanks to Z-Suite's SES technology, support removing is very fast, simplyfying the final "cure" of the model. Z-Brush adds all the needed software tools to give a sculpting - artistic touch to the job.

A-Z bundle appears in this way as the most complete professional, affordable monochromatic body scanning&printing solution. 

The bundle will be officially presented during the next 3D Hubs party on September 19, SPQwoRks Coworking & FabLab building, Via di Pettinego 9, Rome, Italy. 

More info on www.sharemind.eu/wordpress