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Does the M300 Dual print Nylon with Support successfully ?

I purchased a new M300 Dual few weeks ago, everything worked fine except camera , changed filaments a couple times than just 2 days ago while loading the filament on extruder A realized the filament was not coming out through the hot end , so i reloaded and reloaded and no go did not work,( I have prior experience repairing M200) so i removed the covers followed the online removal process as i inspected it visually i realized that wrong hardware was used to mount the circuit board counter sink screws go with counter sink holes not counter sink screws with regular holes and that goes with the fans too wrong hardware period., secondly i noticed the hotend module was not installed correctly because there was an angle gap that should be flush with the mating section, so i proceeded to dismantle to check for any cloggs but it was clear i reinstalled the hotend module but had a difficult time due to the 2 guide pins not lining up correctly with the hot end module i had to really force it which shouldnt be like that its bad quality control Zortrax needs better inspection before customers like me receive a finished product after paying alot of money for a printing like this, In conclusion i fixed the problem and also no more hard banging noise when loading new filament, im still unhappy about the hardware through out the dual module
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Hi, I have a problem related to offset of nozzles. Although I carried out the calibration, the nozzle 1 (material construction) has a wrong offset and so it asphalt material over underlayer.

Is there a method to manually calibrate the mechanism that manages the lift of the nozzles?

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hello pmtc
you might want to remove your hot end module and make sure its assembled properly start by removing your covers and follow follow the removal instructions , to check that its built correctly and assembled properly without any gaps
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