Adding small pads to improve bed adhesion

Hello, I wish to share a trick that I often use with my M200 to improve bed adhesion.
After importing the STL model of the object to be printed, I import a small pad and place one or more of them near the object edges that could have a weak bed adhesion.
In this way, Z-Suite makes a larger raft around the selected parts of the object and this prevents the warping of the raft and of the printed object.
I have attached two pictures to show this trick in Z-Suite and the STL file of the small pad.

Clever trick - thanks for sharing!

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Hi, i have also problem with raft corners( z-abs, z- ultrat, z- petg). Can you attach pictures again, I cant see them in the post.
Thank you!

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Here they are the missing pictures:

I hope they help you :wink:

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Thank you so much for the pictures😊!!

I have attached again the STL file of the small pad.
Importing this object into Z-Suite, you have to choose “NO” to the question about measure units.
Pad.stl (6.3 KB)