Additional features

I may be missing it but the ability to change settings in the Zortrax material set up like you can do with external.
I’m printing in Z-Ultrat & I’m getting stringing so need to make adjustments but can’t unless I say it’s an external material… Why? Just allow those tweaks when using Zortrax filament too.

Hey there! We’ll pass your suggestion to our specialists, however, stringing can be caused by many factors. Do you experience it with other materials as well?

Hi, I only really use Z-Ultrat and occasionally HIPS on this printer but never noticed it before. Seems to be when printing multiples that it really kicks up a notch. I get a very rough surface on the outside but stringing on the inner or between models.

Is it the same printer that you’ve mentioned in other post? Please, send me more information and some photos of the models via PM, it can be caused by faulty extruder cable (if it’s the same printer).