Advance filament problem


We have a big problem with the advance of the filament.

We launch the printing , the printing starts, and after, like on the picture the filamant is blocked. but the motor is turning.

We stop printing, unload filament, clean the nose we acetone, etc .., load new filament. but we have again the problem.

Yesterday we make a printing (total17hours) and after 15 hours the filamant was blocked,so the printing was incomplete.

Can you help us.


(priniting with Zabs)

Have you tried different colors of the filament or use the same filament each time it failed?

I know they designed a new Heat block to fix issues like these (as ZGLASS has this issue) and we are awaiting the release of the new block for purchase.

we use black and white abs and we have problem on the both.


I had the same problem with warm gray ABS yesterday. 4 failed prints, because extruder stoped pushing the material through nozzle.

Disasemble the extruder stepper motor, clean the gear. There is a small bearing opposite of the gear. Clean this bearing and use PTFE grease on it. Push the stepper motor towards the bearing (to the right) when tightening 4 screws.

Problem solved. Overnight print with the same material.