Advice on best model to print on Zortrax


I’m waiting (patiently :cool: ) for the printer.

Meanwhile I want to start designing some pieces. I have done one, and a variation, that besides not having done by my usual way of doing could be a starting point.

This file was a scan (this could be unusual for me) made with 123Catch, and the file was edited in Meshlab, Meshmixer, Rhino and Netfabb.

So…the question for you experienced users is which one of both are better to print in the Zortrax? Any advice will be helpful.



Not easy to say, smooth skull is mabey abit easier. But original scale is very small, is this the way you intend to print them?

Edit: Smooth skull is about 2.5 times smaller than other one.

Yes it’s smaller. Btw what are the dimensions it appears in Z software? If you don’t mine to check it, I can’t open the software as I don’t have a serial number.

Smooth scull around 1cm and other around 2.5cm.

Thank you. Z shows correctly (just to knowledge that I did wrong, 10x smaller. Corrected dimensions now in Thingiverse).

I sliced smoot scull. 0.14 layers, light infill, 20 degress support. This gave a 10 hours print to look forward too. :slight_smile:

thanks for wasting your time on this!

thanks for wasting your time on this!