advise on enclosure for M200


I'm thinking of getting the Hepa cover for my M200 printer to help me with Zhips and ZABS prints so I would like to ask this;

What difference is this enclosure going to make? Is it gonna be noticeable? In case of printing a 15 cm long object for example will it reduce or negate warping completely? what could any enclosure maintain the chamber temperature at?

Looking forward to your advise

I can't speak to the M200 HEPA cover, but the oversized acrylic enclosure I made for my M200 seems to significantly reduced ABS warping and the internal temperature seems to be about 35-37 °C.

I had issues with parts cracking between layers on larger parts until I added diy cover

I think working with PLA or its derivatives can solve warping issue without need for this cover. I decided against buying this cover eventually.

Thanks for your advise