Advise on how to get PLA print of the build plate? Very sticky


I have just purchased the M300Dual, an upgrade from my M200.
I have a question about how well PLA sticks to the platform/build plate. It is very difficult to get the print of the build plate compared to the M200.

I am printing with external PLA material, on the normal build plate, not glass. With standard settings from Z-Suite. Extruder temp 210 and Platform 40 and raft layers 7.

Prints looks super good but very difficult to get of platform. Any advice, lower temperature, decrease raft layer etc.?

Fantastic print quality from the printer by the way :slight_smile:



First of all, we are really glad you like the print quality M300 Dual provides :slight_smile:

Second of all, as you are using some external PLA - it is difficult to look into the settings, but I would suggest increasing the platform-raft gap - it will be easier to detach the model from the platform then.

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Ok thanks, will try that.:+1:

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I increased the temp on the platform to 50 c and the material sticks really good, except you will need to heat the platform to remove your finished parts
Hector Portillo