After PLA issues, Ultrat issues

So after giving up printing PLA (even Zotrax’s own PLA-Pro), I’ve decided to try Ultrat, as it’s basically ABS. I’m running the latest Z-Suite and latest firmware, first print bonded itself to the raft, so I had to tweak the first layer gap. On the second print I’ve noticed stringing, which I’m guessing is coming from too high of a temperature as the entire model looks fairly “melted”. I’m using a brand new heater + temp probe and resistance is bang on 15ohms. All fans work properly.

Any ideas what might be causing this? Ambient temp in the room is 21*C.

Hi. Could you share a .zcode file and some photos of the print? Have you tried printing with some other materials? If yes - do you get similar results? Also, where was the last time you replaced the hotend (or was it a new one you used with PLA only)?


I’ve used this fast stringing test:

Here’s the result from my printer:

Google Photos

Far from perfect as you can see. I’ve not tried any other materials, will try standard Zortrax ABS tomorrow. Hot end is brand new, only used for a few 10mm XYZ cubes, then taken out, cleaned to make sure no PLA is left, then cleaned with Floss (cleaning filament). All of the prints which have been problematic have been made with the new heater / thermal probe installed, so perhaps that’s the issue. I’ll try to go back to the original and do some test.


Thank you for additional information. Please, let us know the result when you try Z-ABS and/or swap the new heater with the old component.

Hi Karolina,

Are you able to share the full settings for Z-ABS and Z-Ultrat which I can input into an external profile to print on an almost default config but only with the temperature and extraction settings slightly tweaked?

I think an external profile holds extra fields for print speed and retraction which are not tweakable from the inbuilt Zortrax material profiles.

Basically what I’m doing is replicating a Z-ABS profile in an external ABS material profile, so that I can slow down extraction and lower temperature.


Hi Tom,

Unfortunately, we are not able to provide more detailed settings for Z-ABS and Z-ULTRAT. In case of Z-ABS - all available settings can be found in the ABS-based filament profile in the external materials option (this is default Z-ABS profile). When it comes to Z-ULTRAT - its extrusion temperature is 260 Celsius degrees, the bed temperature - 80 degrees.