After ribbon cable replacement, extruder motor stopped all together


After dealing with the extruder motor randomly stopping for over a year, the main ribbon cable finally seemed to fail. So after waiting a month for a new cable, I have now encountered a new issue.

The extruder motor now does not spin. So my natural thought is ok, maybe the motor is broken. So I borrowed the y axis motor (that works if I try printing a model) and plugged it into the extruder motor port. That does not spin either. So it does not seem to be a motor issue. I checked for continuity of the cable that goes to the extruder pcb. That checks out good.

So now I’m down to thinking it has to be either the main PCB or the extruder PCB.

Not wanting to through hundreds more into this and lose 2 more months, I’d like to figure out what is wrong so I can fix it asap. I use this daily for prototyping for my small company and with 30 day lead times of parts from zortrax, this problem is costing me a lot of time and money.

Any help on trouble shooting from here is much appreciated. I tried to fill out the form for help from zortrax, but I did not buy this a licensed reseller but from another startup that used it for prototyping as well before they got VC funding.



As a new problem occured once you replaced the extruder cable - make sure it was installed properly. However, yes, either the extruder PCB or motherboard might be at fault. I would start with replacing the PCB first. You can ask your local reseller for this service part - they should have it in stock.

Also, our support agents are available even if you did not purchase the device from the reseller or directly from us. If you need further assistance - do not hesitate to contact us via support form.

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