After Slicing model view dissapears

Glad to be part of the forum, and for the testing of the Z-Suite 2.14.0.

Good News, is the slicing is MUCH better on the my Mac Pro (Mojave), went from 26 minutes to less than 10mins… great improvement.
New features are also an appreciated update.

Unfortunately, numerous times following the slicing process the model is no longer visible on the bed.
What is strange, as you go from model, to print settings, then move to slicing, slicing starts.

After finishing,
We see Generating paths, it builds the model slice by slice,
The on finishing this, the model disappears, you see only the top Slice,
You can use the slicing bar, and go down the model looking at slice by slice, but only the current slice is seen ;(

Export the model, this works, you get the model in Z-suite Z-code.

If you now drop this code back into Z-suite, guess what.
It renders and you can see the model in ful glory, with the raft and all visible.

So It happens on every model I have sliced, to control the model before printing, I save out the Z-code,then drop it back to validate… Just a slight annoyance, but workable.

Other thank this, little annoyance, I am really happy with the performance increase, is regular see 3 times the slicing speed… some of my models are rather large, so maybe I should also take this opportunity to reduce polygons, just sometimes don’t have the time.

Thanks and Regards

Chris, what printer model are you using? M200/M300, or M200Plus/M300Plus, or M300Dual, or Inkspire?

Hi Raximus,

I have a M200… strage question, for an issue with the software… :slight_smile: suppose at the facts are better…

I have been testing the software for a few weeks, and I seem to be having some other strange issues on Beta…

Here is another example…

If I resize my model to 60 %
Then goto print settings,
Select support to editable and 45 degrees angle.
Then hit support,
Not every time, but often the bar reaches 76 or so %
Z-Suite Beta hangs, it is doing something, as 4 threads on the CPU are turning… but I left it 25 mins no change from 76%
I can still rotate the model, and use cross section view… but the window will not cancel, and have to quit the Z-Suite.

Just recently today, I tried again, and the Generate Supports window arrived, I clicked outside the box in Z-Suite, and the window disappeared, no selection. The option now is greyed out and cannot be selected anymore.

Go back, and then hit support again, this time the Model is not visible on the print bed.
Preview button is selectable, But get the window popup saying no Supports, do you want to continue, I say yes… the slicing starts, without model visible on build plate.

I know it is beta, and I a have passed years testing Software… you guys are doing a great job… few hickups… thats all

So to Finish the above, slicing finished in record time, and back to the image of the ONLY top slice visible. can scroll the slicer slider, and see all the slices, and without support, as I said continue no support.

There you have it. (2 images to show what I mean, and a 3rd with the mac version and GFX Card))

Hope all this helps…