Alternative fillaments


I need other colours of ABS, could you recomend any fillament  whitch I can us on my Zortrax?

None, other filaments may lead to extruder jams.

You will loose warranty and even if you manage to print with one of them support may be impossible to remove.

If you don't care about the warranty, you might try the UP! filament. It's the only other matte ABS on the market that I know of. I would stick with Z-filament, though, what other colour do you need that it's not available?

However the UP filament costs almost 3X that of Z-ABS, at least in Australia.  And only available in 6 colours.

I use abs from a dutch site and i works perfect never had a problem that way i have purple-gold-silver-pink-nuclear green extra i use the z filament for the other colours 

Can you tell us the name of this Dutch company? Also have you printed more complex and challenging parts with this filament? On my UM2 I have about 17 filaments and I can print with all of them but the temperature range for printing across all these ABS materials varies from about 235-270 degrees C (found from trial and error, mostly error). I can print a simple cube with all of them for a sample but complex models with deep side walls, over hangs, support etc is another matter altogether.