Alternatives for Geomagic

I am looking for some software that can simplify the process of transforming point cloud from 3d scanner into a proper editable CAD model. Especially for future edit in Solidworks. Long time before I used to send my 3d scans directly to printing, or just create models by hands. But I’ve hardly ever tried to combine.

I’ve contacted manufacturer of my 3d scanner, as I wanted something compatible to have as less postprocessing of raw scan data into point cloud as possible. They offered me Geomagic Design X, which seems to be a great software… But I am trying to find soomething cheaper and less complex. I know it is strande for a person who already uses device which costs more than 20k Euros, but at the moment money is an issue.
I just hope someone have something in mind.
It would be ideal if it will work with raw 3d scan data (from Artec Space Spider if it makes sence), but if it is able to just help me to process point clouds it will be enough.

Thank you in advance!