Ambient Temp with enclosure



I have a HEPA filter and cover on my M300. Recently my prints started coming out with the raft stuck to the object being printed. This led me to check the internal ambient temperature with the baseplate warmed and i find that it is 33 degrees. This is too hot. Is there a way to control the temperature inside the unit? I have the exhaust fan by the HEPA filter turned all the way up



Might the HEPA filter need replacement? If that gets plugged, then air flow will decrease which might raise the internal temperature.


@Gil, what kind of material do you use?
This temperature is not too high. Ambient operation temperature in technical specifications refers to room where the printer is working.

If you noticed that raft is harder to remove than earlier, you should start with performing platform maintenance and calibration.


Currently I am using ZHIPS, and would like to use ZPLA as well.
What are the recommended ambient ranges for the inside of the printer?

The room the printer is a very stable 23C.



We don’t have recommended temperatures for printing area, but some of the materials are more sensitive to temperature than others.
Z-PLA Pro is sensitive to high temperatures and recommended temperature in the print room for this material is below 25° C [77° F]. I suggest that you turn the fan in HEPA Cover and extruder fans (in Z-SUITE) to 100% while printing with this material. However, if you notice that models are overheated, removing HEPA Cover might be necessary (and in that case I advise against staying in the room with a working printer for a long time).


Thanks for the tips with Z-PLA. What are your suggestions with Z-HIPS? Have you quantified what temperatures begin to be a problem with that material?


For printing Z-HIPS, you need to keep stable temperature inside printing chamber. In case the temperature is too low, prints can warp and deform. If you notice such problem, make sure that temperature is at least 25° C [77° F]. Side covers and HEPA Cover are recommended. For bigger parts, fan speed should be set at 0% in Z-SUITE. HEPA Cover fan can be set to minimum speed.