Android or ios app

it’s be great if you could make app for android so we can follow printing, over camera or info like in z-suit.

Hi @ffurduj.
Thank you for your suggestion, that would be a good tool for printing process control.
I will pass it to our software specialists :slight_smile:

Thanks, i really thing it wood be useful to see the progress, cancel the print and etc…

iOS Android App … will probably only remain a dream

I want to support this request too. But don’t need an own app. Just make the printer controlable by any web browser out there (watch camera, start/stop a print, select file, status info like remaining printtime, temperatures, errors, …)

I don’t understand why Zortrax releases such a limited system that forces us to ask for feature requests for things that are state of the art without saying.

BR Peter

I hope that day will come someday

:rofl: you have humor …

I’ve done a web app (just a hobby project) that communicates with m200+ (get image, get progress, pause…) Documentation on Zortrax API is non existant but it is nevertheless possible. I was wondering if there is an option of publishing API docs so 3rd party developers could build commercial apps…

Hi, @ivoradja.

Thank you for your suggestion. I’ve passed it further, so our specialists can look into the matter.

I use remote desktop to monitor print progress but connection is not good printer is constantly offline, It would be better to have a mobile app…