Anime Bust Print

Here are some shots of the Hanna Anime Bust that i found on Thingverse last week.

The print had a few issues, visible in the photos, but overall turned out pretty well.

there are some areas that are really impressive, the smoothness of the print is amazing and adhesion was not an issue.

the areas that look a bit ratty suffered from wobbly support. I noticed during the print that a few of the support structures were doing a lot of moving around, and a couple actually fell over or lost layers. they looked to be single strands with no cross bracing, basically tube like structures with no internal support. I printed with 20deg support.

The pictures show no cleanup, just support removal.


What version of firmware you used? 0.0.3 or 0.0.4?

Hi Nizzy,

I used .6.6.6 firmwear version.

Ah I mean version of Z-Suite, sorry for my mistake! We improved the visibility of the seam in 0.0.4 Z-Suite.

No Worries Nizzy, it was Z-Suite 0.0.3