Another pre order worry that I need help with

I have read somewhere else (perhaps on this forum) that Z-ABS and Z-Ultra has been hard to get hold off.

I live in the UK and will be purchasing from a UK supplier (iMakr). Although they are selling the printer and have them in stock, both Z-ABS and Z-ULTRA are out of stock. This worries me.

Should I be concerned and if the Z-ABS does have a problematic supply chain, am I am able to use some other makes of Filament and what can you recommend?



Simon, can't speak for Zortrax, but I've personally never had a problem getting filament from them direct. 

Perhaps iMakr hasn't received their stock yet, being a new reseller. Did you ask when they will be getting some in ?

I bought the Premium ABS from iMakr (I think is the one the UP! uses) before they are Zortrax resellers, this was in May, when I did a trip to London.

Worked beautifully. Was black ABS, printed with the same quality as Zortrax ABS, only the kind of black color was different, one of them was warmer. I don't remember more what one.

I am in the USA and the filament ordered from Zortrax website arrive within a couple of days which always amazes me considering it comes from China.


Thanks Venosa, it's good to know that we are not mechanically restricted to Z-ABS (I know there is a warranty restriction), but you with an expensive purchase like this you need to know you at least have options.

@wilsonj I have not asked them yet, not that I don't trust them, but I just felt that since I am near to making a purchase from them I would rather have user feedback as there is a slight conflict of interest in any answer they give me (Sales people are paid to sell, and that is fine as long as you are aware of it). 

Thanks Winston. Here is the UK we need to think twice about ordering from abroad, everything is subject to a 20% import tax (they also add tax to the postage cost) and the invoice never fails to turn up. They also charge about £12 about $20  for processing the import. If I drive to the processing depo then of course I pay a further 70% tax on the fuel I put in the car.

Now I feel like organising a protest. 

You can order from our European store, and you don't need paid any import tax because the package will be send from Poland (UE). And we never had any problems with filaments stock, all packages are shipped within 24 hours.



Thanks Rafal