Any method to refill Inventure cartridges


The concept of this printer is great, however very little filament is provided in each cartridge, making them extremely cost-ineffective over time. Has anyone found a way to refill the cartridges with generic filament? Also, can a standard cartridge be placed on the support material side. I rarely need to use dissolving filament, and have a larger stock of standard colors in PLA.

Just really trying to find a way to use this printer without breaking the bank any further. I use this in a middle school, so budget concerns are important.

Thanks for any feedback anyone can give!


unfortunately the cartridges use an NFC reader which has a saved amount of material used … Inventure is a great printer, but terribly expensive to maintain :frowning: Zortrax says it is working on improving this printer


Hi. Because of the RFID sticker which saves all information (material type, amount of material left etc.) it is impossible to refill the cartridges. Because of the sticker, you cannot swap cartridges with the model and support material.

Still, thank you so much for your feedback and suggestions - our specialists have been working on providing new options for the Inventure.


Thank you for the replies. Hopefully some of these improvements will be unveiled soon!