Any way of expecting a better printing speed in the future?

I am printing with white Z PLA a cube for testing on the perforated bed. With a 10% infill an 80x80mm cube takes 9 hours and 20 minutes. Can you please try to do the same and tell me which score do you get? I think there is something wrong with my 20 days old printer and I would truly appreciate if you can run these simple test on your machine to compare. With a different PLA brand and the same settings on other two 3D printers that we own at the office it took considerably less, many, many hours less for the same cube. I understand the quality requirements, but I’d like to know if a) my printer is broken or b) if Z-Suite 2 as a slicing software still needs to fully support the M300 Dual and c) if a new firmware to improve speed and available material is expected to come out. Thank you very much. Sorry for posting in the wrong section category, I tried to removed the post to re-post in the right section, but I wasn’t allowed to do it.

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Hello. I have just checked the model and got 9h 2min. print (Z-PLA, 0.2 mm layer thickness, 10% infill), so please do not worry, everything is fine with our unit. Obviously, I will pass your feedback to our specialists, but I can tell you that we are already working on increasing the print speed. Thank you for your understanding.