Anyone else having support issues since 1.4/1.4.1?


Was just curious if this has happened to anyone else. I generally always use light support mode on everything I print unless it really needs it. Its never been an issue in the 10 months or so I've been printing.

In the past few days though, since 1.4/.1, I've had this same issue happen 3 times now. The support keeps warping off of the raft. I know Zortrax has changed a few things so I figured I should bring it up. I've had it happen once with ABS and twice with UltraT. The support just peels right off of the raft and causes a whole mess of issues if I don't catch it right away.

My printer has side panels, v2 hotend and build plate. I have a heat lamp pointed towards it. Not to much more I can do to stop it from potentially warping but yet it still does.

Just figured I'd share my experience so Zortrax knows there may be an issue.

Support is printed faster than it used to be; maybe they haven't increased the extrusion rate quite enough to keep up with the new speed.

where u printing in high speed?

where u printing in high speed?